Rainbow Valley

Norman Records

Autumn Songs is now available at the excellent Norman Records, who have also very kindly given it a great 8/10 review. Have a looksie here - http://www.normanrecords.com/records/143646-table-music-meeting-rainbow-valley-autumn-songs-

"Spinney" from my latest release "Autumn Songs" 

New Review

I also got a lovely new review for my old release Antisolar, http://nmmrem.blogspot.fi/2013/10/rainbow-valley-antisolar-nmmrem-xxvi.html

New Release

Hello there, I have a new release out today on my little label Wrieuw Recordings! It is a split release with the wonderful table music meeting. We both wrote one song each about Autumn. It is available as a limited edition 3” CD-r in lovely hand printed packaging by A Sparrow by Water for £3 plus delivery, or as a download where you can pay what you want. It is available here https://wrieuwrecordings.bandcamp.com Thanks! x


A lovely new review for my release Antislor from the kind people at yeahiknowitsucks.